Paint flies all over the place and this dragon has no idea where to start with this game.


A dragon plays a game about creating weird creatures and setting them on each other.
This dragon has a lot of fun trying to smash things off the screen like princesses and small furry animals.
A dragon plays a kangaroo fighting a whole of bunch of humans over a title of greatest fighter.
Ferretting in TERA

A dragon plays a ferret while learning to be a slayer in the world of TERA.

A dragon plays a game where he's a weird human trying to keep his favorite animals from leaving his town.

A dragon adventures off into a crazy world of cartoons and dancing scenery. Also, he tries not to drool each time he sees the cow character.

 Playing Wakfu

A crazy world with crazy monsters. Welcome to Wakfu, a turn based MMO with lots of classes to choose.

A dragon plays a crazy furball that likes to cause trouble and shoot things.

A dragon tries out game where a human tries to survive in a world of prehistory creatures.
In magic world where islands float and cards come to life, a dragon runs around as a human.

A crazy dragon enters Azeroth as a Worgen hoping to find a potion to turn him into a dragon.

Clan Lord is an old Mac computer MMORPG that has 8-bit graphics and an interesting skill system. It can now be played on a Windows computer.

A dragon plays a fantasy that seems to know that it is a fantasy created in modern times.
A dragon plays two characters from different times and causes trouble for both of them.
A dragon tries to tap his claws on a iPad trying to get dragon heroes to get more dragon heroes.
Champions Online is a super hero MMORPG where you have a lot of choices to customization your character. I do mean lots.

A dragon finds a weird world where penguins dress up and get turned into things.

In a world of blocks, a dragon explores a large open world while trying not to get killed.
A dragon wakes up to find himself with 39 mammals trying to survive in a desert filled with Zombies that can be killed with water.
A dragon plays a cowboy in a world where cowboys ride dinosaurs.
A dragon tries to not starve as a human in the middle of no where while trying to understand why he's alone.
A dragon enters a world of adventure were mammals tame dragons to ride and fight on their side. Also, make my back feel sore each time I play this game.
Sunblaze in Everquest 2

The good battle the evil in this sequel of the MMO hit and I found myself in the middle of it all.

Red dragon in Free Realms

Free Realms is a Free MMO game where you play mini games and play with friends in a cartoonish world.

Hanging out in Furcadia

Furcadia is a social MMO where you play a walking and talking animal who can create dreams with any crazy ideas you have running in your head.

A dragon starts a video game business starting in a garage with what looks like the time machine from "Back to the Future".
A dragon tries out a game where everything can happen and gamemodes galore.

A dragon enters a strange and crazy world where rocks and trees can talk.

A dragon plays a strange demon cat thing while adventuring in a world of no quest givers. 

Playing Hoard

A game that brings out this dragon's guilty pleasures from burning villages to kidnapping princesses.

A dragon plays a young dragon in the world of Istaria.

A weird game about a guy surviving in a world of monsters and dreaming of a guy wearing a cardboard box.

Mabinogi is a Korean MMORPG that has a lot of features and stuff to do.

A dragon plays a hero in a world of heroes and wonders why there isn't any dragon heroes in the Marvel universe.
Me in Mass Effect

Playing a short life in a galaxy going nuts isn't all bad. You can find my adventures in Mass Effect from first one thru the third one here.

Minecraft me

In a world of blocks, one dragon tries to survive by building and eatting the animals while combating the strange monsters that want to skin him.

A dragon enters a world of crazy creatures with people wanting to make them even crazier.

A dragon plays Neverwinter as a Dragonborn while wishing for a tail.
Journey into world of magic as a young boy learns to be a magician while this dragon tries to make sense of it all.
In a world of floating islands, a dragon plays a pirate with animal crewmates.

A dragon tries to be the best he can be in a world of cute and crazy monsters.

A dragon tries to manage a item shop as a crazy girl with a nagging fairy that wants me to pay back a debt.

A dragon has been given a magic notebook with the power to bring words to life. What craziness would he bring?

A dragon explores the ever creative Second Life.

A dragon plays around with human cities in a game called SimCity. What does he have plans for the tiny mammals?

Sunblaze in Skyrim

A lone reptilian hero enters Skyrim to find himself in middle of a civil war and the return of dragons to the lands. Why do I have to help these silly short lives? Answers can be found here.