When I woke up in this world, I found myself in a small village covered by night. Strange rock creatures surround the village that I was told to thin out. Silly short lives and their troubles. I would of prefer claws and fangs, but using my sword and shield made sure I don't break anything on me. I was amazed that I was able to damage these things with a blade. Maybe the silly sword had magic or these things are weaker then I thought.

Sunblaze at Level 1

Fighting rocks.

Headed back to the short life that gave me the quest, I ended up getting more. One of the quests had me kicking close one of the holes these creatures were crawling out. There was one silly short life that wanted me to collect rocks in a cave infested by these rock creatures. Soon, I was told to defeat somebody casting magic in the cave. I made short work of the wizard or whatever the silly thing called itself.

Oh, well. At least I'm getting stuff from these silly short lives. After the silly smashing rock quests, I found a short life giving me a quest on attacking a number of prowlers. The village seemed to have a lot of pest trouble. Ended up heading into another cave where I had to fight the prowlers' leader. I found out that the short lives that gave me the quest wanted me to clear out the cave to collect the remains of long dead short life. I'm not going to ask why, because I don't want to know.

Hunting the prowlers.