Two curious dragon hatchlings.

While I was running quests for the silly short lives in the village, I came to notice there were two dragon hatchlings around a campfire. They wanted to play a little game which involved taking turns on telling a part of a story.

The gathered players.

The story began by Fyreweave who told of an elf that lost some pies. Sixxy was next and added to story that a group of halflings stole the pies. Then Mordris added that the elf was captured by the halflings. It was my turn and I told that the elf woke up to find herself tied up and somebody came to her rescue. Scowclaw talked about a giant with the group of halflings. Majordee joined the game without a clue what the story was about, so the story turned into a story of the halflings tricking the giant for it's purse. Finally, Fyreweaver ended the story telling what happened to the elf and her rescuer. The hatchlings gave the group an item that allowed the user to turn into a blue dragon that had five charges and each charge lasted six hours. I would of prefered an item that turned the user into a red dragon of some sort. Oh, well. It is still a nice item. The two hatchlings left a bit oddly by sleeping on the campfire and disappearing. That was one curious exit.