Ferret at Level 6

The picture above is my character at level 6 before the server kicked me off. I was fighting a group of crazy bird creatures near a base. I was lucky that I was done when I got booted from the server with everybody else. How I got to level 6 is a short story?

Battling a weird moose

I arrived on the back of a flying horse along with a group of talkative people. The people on the ground gave me quests that lead me to fighting weird creatures that you have to see. Lots of the short life characters were wearing armor that offered little protection from a real battle. Silly Koreans, but they do make the most interesting monsters. After many quests, I finally arrived at a place that I can sell my stuff I've been collecting. I found an interesting quest that taught me how to use bombs.

Making things go boom.

More coming soon when I can get back on with my chubby ferret.