Wow, a peaceful night in the woods. Makes me want to snuggle into my cave happily.
Oh, never mind.
I watch as an old mammal comes out of his house with a big piece of wood on his shoulder. Then his hatchling wants to follow him, but looks like he told the boy to stay in the house. 
Next I watch animals running through the forest making my belly rumble for food. I so really need to go out hunting for food soon. Darn, belly.
Suddenly, a small group of dressed pigs throw something round onto the ground. Um, what? Okay, now things are getting weird.
The ball explodes setting the forest on fire! Um, are the farm animals trying to throw a revolution in this game?
Wait a minute! I just beaten you and now you want to train me. This cricket must of gotten hit on the head too hard.
The cricket wasn't lucky getting away and ended up getting stepped on by Hinawa. Just another reason why I shouldn't train under him.
Hinawa told everybody she made steak and the kids ran off back to the house with a "Yay" steak speed.
Alec decided to break the fourth wall another time while making sure no one is looking. I got a feeling this mammal will be weirder later in the game.
This game starts making me hungry when Claus asked his mother about her favorite food. There was also a question on how safe it is getting back home. Alec replied that even Lucas should be able to make it alone. Thanks, grandpa. Shame your house is a digital place or else I'll burn it down for that reply.
Um, the cow is still alive. What type of steak were we eating? Hinawa sent a long letter to her husband, Flint, and used a bird to sent it to him.
As Hinawa was about to head back inside the house, a shadow with a strange noise loomed over the house and disappeared south. It made me wonder what in the world I'm about to get myself into.
Do I have to? Okay, okay. Let's get this evil scene over with by dashing into this creature and making it fall over. I feel so ashame of this.
Talking to Claus caused my tail to stop waggling in shock. These things like to be ran into by small mammals! O...Kay.
All the sudden a bug decided to try his luck dashing into the Drago. It didn't work. The Drago seemed to look down at the bug wondering what tickled it. The bug decided to pick on somebody smaller and started my first battle in the game.
It's a freaking Mole Cricket. This guy is pretty easy I noticed, because I kept spamming bash till it surrendered.
After the battle, the Mole Cricket was seeing stars. Well, he asked for it trying to pick fights.


I entered the east path to see Lucas's brother, Claus, dashing into a t-rex looking creature. It fell over and got back onto it's feet like nothing happened. Claus told me he had been playing with the Dragos all morning and I should play too. Um, okay. These Dragos like to play with small mammals?
Alec popped into the conversation telling me to imagine a B Button and how to use it for dashing. Then he asked Claus to show me how to do it by dashing into the Drago again. Okay, this is getting a bit mean.
I tried to see how they like it being dash into, but ended up being laughed at instead.
I decided to look around the place to see there was anything else to do in the area before I had to dash into a strange Drago that likes getting dash into by small mammals. There was another Drago family around the southeastern part of the area and one of them is wandering around the place.
Finding nothing else to do in the area, I headed over to the silly Drago to get this strange scene over with.
Dashing into the silly thing caused it to fall on top of Lucas. Well, I would prefer sitting on the mean mammal, but laying on top works too.
Hinawa seemed to run out of things for me to do, because I was able to head outside without any more trouble. I found myself standing in some type of farm with pigs and chickens. There is also a cow standing near the house that may be turned into steak soon. I really need to stop thinking of food.
The animals around the house have something to say to me. When I tried to talk to the chickens, they ran away from me. I had to trick them into a wall or fence to get a chat with them.
The path south ended up being a waste of time as I found myself with ants that Lucas doesn't want to step on.
As I headed to the east path, I noticed a small frog in my path. I decided to see what it will say to me and ended up finding out how to save my game. This game is starting to get weird and there seem to be more frogs out there wanting to save my game.