This is going to be my first complete play through of a game on this site, so I picked a classic and a cult hit series to be my first. Time to play Mother 3 or to you mammals in the US, Earthbound 2. A group of english talking mammals fed up with Nintendo not showing any love to US with Mother games. They decided to translate Mother 3 to english and make it freely available to anybody who wants to play it. Strangely, Nintendo hasn't done anything to stop this even with the fact they knew this group was doing it.

The game started off asking me to name the characters. Because I really didn't care what to call these characters, I picked the "Don't Care" choice.

When I came to the option to name my favorite food, I wanted to pick cows. Thinking it would be silly to have these mammals liking cows like I did. I decided to pick something more to their level.


My favorite thing was a more of a choice of me being silly. Hey, don't judge me.


I end this article showing off what I picked for my choices. Next time I'll dive into the game play of this game.