The game begins on Nowhere Islands in Tazmily Village beyond the Sunshine Forest inside Alec's house. Alec is Hinawa's father and I guess she's visiting him.
After the introduction to the game, I find myself playing Lucas. A knock knock is heard at the door and Claus yells at me to wake up. There's Dragos outside the house wanting to have fun and they have babies. Um, okay. I hop out of bed and remove the really small blanket that was keeping me warm during the night. Amazing that I didn't get sick, because the silly thing didn't cover all my body. I checked around the room to find out there's nothing to grab, so I headed downstairs.
I poked my nose around the place noticing there's a kitchen with a bed down here. Also, there's still nothing to grab. Lucas's mother is seated at the table doing something and I am able to have a chat with her. As I tried to leave the house, she told me to go back upstairs to get dress. I'm so glad that I'm a dragon and don't have to wear silly clothes. Sometimes I wonder why you mammals have so many clothes to wear.
After Lucas gets dress, I seem to have gained the ability to run around the place using the B button. So, I tried to see I can get Lucas in trouble by dashing into his mother.
Weird thing I get some Nut Bread that recovers 30 HP. Yay, I finally get an item and it's food.