Hinawa seemed to run out of things for me to do, because I was able to head outside without any more trouble. I found myself standing in some type of farm with pigs and chickens. There is also a cow standing near the house that may be turned into steak soon. I really need to stop thinking of food.
The animals around the house have something to say to me. When I tried to talk to the chickens, they ran away from me. I had to trick them into a wall or fence to get a chat with them.
The path south ended up being a waste of time as I found myself with ants that Lucas doesn't want to step on.
As I headed to the east path, I noticed a small frog in my path. I decided to see what it will say to me and ended up finding out how to save my game. This game is starting to get weird and there seem to be more frogs out there wanting to save my game.