Treasure dive is one of the mini games of Toontown Online. You have to dive down while dodging the sea life to get to a chest and then swim back to the boat without dropping it. If you did a good job, you get jellybeans for your trouble.

Toontown had this crazy object in the Toon Hall that tells the toons that silly things are happening all over Toon Town. Things like dancing mail boxes and talking doodles.

Decided to wear the full dinosaur costume as the last thing I'll be wearing before the end of Toontown. Shame the dragon wings and the dinosaur tail are on the same equipment slot.

With Toontown about to close in September, I decided to get my toon dog a new gag. That means I had to visit the Toon Hall.

I found it a bit silly that the famous mouse wasn't the one behind the mayor desk.

Instead I found the mouse wandering outside the building. Oh, well. I decided to grab Sound gag instead of Toon-up for now. Planning to get Toon-up later down the road, if I have time.