I became a bit of a curious dragon with this game and started wondering how good of a first game I can make in the game. So, I decided to do an experiment. I searched the internet to find a wiki on the game and used it to guide me.

Looking at the wiki for action genre, I set Engine at 75% as best I could. Then I set Gameplay at 100% and Story/Quests at 0%.

At the second stage of development, I set Dialogues to 0%. Next I set Level Design to the max height and put Artificial Intelligence around 75%.

Finally at the last stage, I set World Design at 0% and Graphic to 100%. Sound was set around 75%. Then released the game with basic sound and 2D graphics V1.

My reviews based on the wiki wasn't good, but the game was ranked #39 and sold 3,862 units on the first week.

Looks like going to try to beat those stats on my next attempt. Wish me luck.