While exploring my new place, I discovered a place called "Re-Tail" ran by a pair of Alpacas.

Reese is the pink one and she seems to be more chatty then her sleeping brother. I found out I can sell my items or display them for sell at the place. My tail was happy that the building wasn't the first thing that popped up in my head about the place.

Talking to her brother Cyrus ended up me getting yelled at by Reese. Seems she doesn't want me to wake him up. I'm curious what he does when he wakes up. Or he just sleeps forever. Makes me sleeply just looking at him.

More pics of my adventures in my village in Animal Crossing. Here's my tent home. I kind of prefer a cave home as I am a dragon. What you think I want to live in cave? If you thinking of something weird, be glad I can't bite you.

Yes, I'm planting a tree as my first mayor duty. Boy, I need to get reptile residents in my town.

After chatting with a cat on a train, I came into the town I called "Draconia". I was greeted by two pigs, a lion, and a dog. I seemed to have been made mayor on the spot even with trying to tell them I wasn't the new mayor. Something weird is going on here.