I have no idea how I survived last night. It seemed we had a miracle happened and our defenses sky rocketed to weird levels.

Strangely we had fifteen deaths in total. That's the most this town ever had and it brings our numbers down to ten. We had a lot of mammals dying of thirst. No clue how that happened, because our well still had water in it. A few mammals died from injuries from the growing numbers of zombies outside town. Yeah, there are more out there now.

Lots of energy in the town were used to make sure the dead bodies in town were throw outside before they raise. The good news is that there were a lot of supplies removed from the empty homes and thrown into the bank.

Not a good sign with our current numbers and I got a feeling we won't survive for long. I put in my effort to get our defenses up when the temporary defenses fall. At end of my day, I volunteer once again for Watchman duty. Can we survive another night?