It was a quiet in town while I was taking a break after a rescue. Suddenly,. Squirm decided to use her ranger powers to bring a few Jade noids into town. I quickly placed them onto the lawn to keep them from bugging me. I have no idea if my actions gave her the idea or that was her plans at the start. The silly fish creature decided to bring more Jades into town and place them into the fence area. Nyx popped into town and started helping to place the noids onto the lawn. Then Nyx told Squirm to bring more Jades into town. The noids made it dangerous to get too close to the fence, because the noids were able to reach over the fence to attack.

It wasn't long till things got crazy as Nyx got trapped between the noids. She soon fell and Kojiro tried to dig her out. But, heĀ ended up falling too. Even Squirm fell inside the fence area. Joel came into town and helped pull Nyx out of the mess. The other fallen were healed and able to escape the noids. Then Nyx asked Squirm to bring more noids into town. I decided it was a good time to go into library to study before things got even worse in town.