During a recent trip to the Pitch Caves, I got a chance to see Horup's Potion in action. The potion was made by Mystics to add more power to a healer to raise a fallen. Drablak pulled out the potion and had all the healers gather around a fallen Chmee. The fish then used the potion and we watched a noisy light show around us. Instead of making it easier to heal the fallen mammal, he became worse. Comments on how useless the potion surfaced. The potion didn't help at all.

Remembering how the Red Healing Potion worked, I started to get curious. This potion is used by healers to make a fallen exile easier to heal, but it doesn't work on fallen healers. I wondered that Horup's Potion had a rule that a healer should be the one using it. In town, Drablak gave me a Horup's Potion to test out.

Days past as I waited to get a chance to test out the potion. The problem of testing out the potion in town came to me. It was too easy to get the healer help in town to raise a fallen. Any injuried and fallen exile in town would get attention of a passing healer. I had to test out the potion outside town, so the wait continues.