Usually not a lot of new things happen during my adventure with Taryn's group to the Pitch Caves. Most of the time I just hang outside the well waiting for the fighters have their fun. This time it was different. I got the chance to go down the well making it my first time down there.

After we cleared the area of noids, we looked around the place in search of a pathfinding spot. Someone spotted one and we all headed through into the other side. I thought we would run smack into more noids, but we ended up finding ourselves in the ruins of a library.

There were broken chairs littering the floor and a number of bookshelves lined up in groups. I tried to check to see any of the books would come off the shelves while the others checked the place in their own way. It looked like the place was just a safe place to hide from the noids. People soon started to head out of the place.

Then Drablak spotted something on the wall. I sunstoned that Drablak found something and everybody came back into the library. Everybody lined up behind him and we entered deeper into the library.

I think Taryn was grinning really wide when we came to the advance pathfinding book. Everybody with enough pathfinding ranks started studying the book while the ones that can't understand the book just got to stare at it. I was one of the ones that couldn't understand the book. After a break, we headed back out to explore the place some more by going deeper into Pitch caves. We had to mind the fact that the noids may pop back up behind us as we traveled deeper. We were lucky to get back out of the caves without having to depart our way back home.

When we did get back to town, I headed to the Marsh Hermit in the marsh and decided to finish training with him. Looks like I have to wait on trying to get Horus to say something new to me for awhile. I was a bit amazed that I'm half way done with the hermit. I thought I had less ranks from him. Oh, well.