Sometime after traveling throught the Pitch Caves, Prowl chimed in on the sunstone about a bunch of Orga Berserks were found in the southern part of town. I took a moment to scratch my head before I headed over to the southern part of town with a few mammals.

The large orga kept on coming for a fight as I watched the fighters swing their weapons at the creatures. Prowl was counting each Orga Berserk she found even Coldy started to count them. The count stopped at 13 when the last one was defeated. The group started to look to see if there were more around the area.


During the search, I found the candle shop I heard talked about around town. No wonder I can never find it. It's location is placed way off in a quiet corner of the southern part of town. Coldy bought one for his house and I followed him out of the shop to look for more orga. I never found another orga around town, but I did hear a drum in the northern part of town. Was this an invasion or just some orga that got lost?