Two fallens were found unhealable in town.

The town was peaceful until a fire drake decided to swoop in for a snack. It downed two short lives and took them with it toward Devil's Island. It got stuck a few times before dropping its catch on the beach. Strangely, we couldn't heal the two fallen. Another thing we noticed was Stora was missing from the town. Suddenly, one of the fallen disappeared and we were able to heal the remaining one. The mystic on hand in town told us that the remaining fallen was now located on Devil's Island.

I headed with a group to Devil's Island to rescue the fallen thru a forest maze and a tight cave maze. We soon arrived in the rock and lava part of the island finding hidden fire traps around the place. With help from an illusion breaking mystic, we were able to enter the area where the Drake's lair was located on the island. The cave was surrounded by lava, so we took turns running across the hot lava into the cave. The cave residents were a mother fire drake and a number of her hatchlings. I convince the group to leave the drakes alone and we headed out of the cave after we healed the fallen back on his feet.

Finding a Mother and her Hatchlings

After we jumped the path back into the outer area of the island, we soon found out that the person we rescued didn't have enough pathfinding to jump the wall. One of the group gave the person a healer object that would cause him to fall with idea we can chain him across the wall. It didn't work and the person departed on us. We didn't mind it, because it was a fun trip.

Finding Stora in a ship

Back at town, everybody started their search for Stora who disappeared during the drake attack. After a long search for him, we found him in the boat at the docks in west town. We had to lead him back into town center, but on the way he had to be pushed the rest of the way till he regained his breath. Stora was given a cookie for his trouble and everything in town went back to normal.