An interesting demo of a "Work in Progress" 2D dragon game that I found while looking through the net. A small dragon running around with a big sword and slaying humans (That's a twist). 

The game can be found here:

Nice, looks like I'm getting the next Zelda game.

Sometimes a game will show up changing all of the rules. The Stanley Parable is one such game. I like playing it, because I get to annoy a mammal. Is the narrator a mammal?

I found a crazy dinosaur dating sim game where you play a female mammal helping T-rex friend get an ukulele. The game is called Jurassic Heart and currently it is a very simple game. I read that the designers are planning to expand the game in the future with more dinosaurs to date. Makes me wonder how crazy this game would turn out with more dinosaurs love interests. Right now you got an ukulele playing T-rex in it.

I found another interesting mod for Left 4 Dead series that turns the mammals into anthro dragons. Two of them have wings while the other two don't. There are also some differences between the heads and skins, too. Nice to have options other then the raptors to run around as in the game.

Just when you thought that you seen it all. You get raptors carrying guns and shooting up zombies. Looks like this dragon found a good mod for Left 4 Dead 2.

Created a version of me.

When a dragon roams the net, he sometimes finds interesting stuff like this flash toy. It lets you create your own dragon.

Link: A Dragon's Story