I've been playing Bravely Default on my 3DS XL. Figured out how to pull screenshots from games by using the Miiverse. Shame I can't show off a lot of the games I play on my 3DS XL.

Well, it is that time of year again where you mammals get a bit huggy around dragons. Just be careful around my kind. We are known to bite or fry your kind.

Special thanks to Eligecos for drawing this for me. I love it. You'll be seeing this new version of me a lot more soon hopefully. Time to make that credits page.

Hi, mammals. Decided to get rid of Walkthrough section, because...Well, this site is more about me blogging about my adventures in video games not about me writing guides for you mammals. So, moving Mother 3 back to Adventures section and removing the guide to Game Dev Tycoon. Don't worry. I'm keeping the Adventure version of Game Dev Tycoon, so you can read about my craziness in making fictional games.

Decided to add a walkthrough for "Game Dev Tycoon" for the fact that the information usually end up finding is open to trolling. So, I decided to create a more controlled guide to the game. Currently the information is in flux, so there will be changes and additions to the walkthrough as I find good information across the net or found out the information myself.

Right now the walkthrough isn't perfect, but it is getting there.