Seems when I was trying to mess with the site, I broke it for a bit and had to do a restore to fix things. One of my articles was unlucky to have been left out on the restore and I had to rewrite it. I did add a new category called "Walkthrough" and moved "Mother 3" articles to it. There will be more stuff be added soon including monster list for "Mother 3" walkthrough.

I made sure the articles in "Walkthrough" listed with oldest first. This will allow you mammals to be able to read the start of a walkthrough instead of the ending.

It has been over a year since this web site been put on the net. I think it is time to redesign a few things around the site.

First, I think I should replace the generic dragon picture with something a bit closer to what I look like. I have no clue why I picked a generic dragon to represent me. Time to find a mirror and draw up a better picture of the scaley me. Hey, I'm a dragon living inside a cave. Hard to get a mirror around here.

Second, I should learn Joomla better and get this site looking more professional.

Third, I have to think up more things to put on this site.

That's it from my list. Time to get to work.