Decided to try out Mabinogi's story adventure and had fun being a weird fluffy creature that likes to smash a mammal tribe. It lasted for a long time, but ended with me scratching my head.  Looks like I have to find out what I was running around as a monster for several minutes.

A Dragon at a trading post

After chasing after cows, I took a look at the newest feature in Mabinogi, the commerce system. It is one of many things to do in this world. The commerce system has it's own currency called Ducats which you use to buy the trade items to sell at another trading post. You can also exchange the currency for weapons and items to help you in your adventures.

A hiding bandit

As you travel with your goods, you get ambushed by bandits wanting to take your goods. They seems to have a bad habit of using cutout stage props for a way of hiding from you.

One of the interesting features of Mabinogi is the ability to play as your pet.

Dragon with cows