One of the great things about being a super heroic dragon is I get to have my own lair. Nice big lair with pouring lava and bones of creatures from the past.

Finding Santa

Santa finally arrives in the city with gifts under the big tree. I found the presents under the tree contain items that I can equip. I even found an item that actually was better then one of the items I had on now. The snow that was falling from the sky had covered the ground and blanketed the trees with its white. I can feel my feet freezing along with my wings and tail now.

More snow on the ground.

Flying thru the snow.

The snow brushed over my scales as I explored the city. I'm glad I can breath fire or else my wings or tail would of froze off by the chilling weather. The Christmas season has started in Millennium City with the short lives running for presents and throwing annoying cold snowballs at me. Short life holidays can be strange to this dragon.

Finding elves at work.

I even found elves working in the middle of the Renaissance Center. I wonder what they are doing even with the only clue was a few talked about toys. Okay, I know that they are getting the place ready for Santa Claus. This dragon has to be silly at times.

Finding a Christmas tree in the city.

A dragon in flight

I was finally able to head into the power house to grab some new powers after battling those insect aliens. Fire Breath was my first pick along with Flight to get my wings working. If there was a power to locate cows, then that would of been my first choice. But, that power doesn't exist. Oh, well. In a world of super heroes, I have to keep my figure even with the fact cows taste very good.

One of the Champions needed help defending the cannon against the aliens. With a group of heroes, I joined the battle. It first started out with a battle to protect the cannon by defeating a number of the aliens. I ran around the cannon slashing and blasting the aliens among the chaos. We soon had a moment to collect supplies around the cannon to get the thing working again. Finally, we had to defend the cannon one more time. This time it was battle the aliens for a set time.

Finding Defender

The battle was soon over and I was rewarded with an item to equip. I was told to head inside the building to get the cannon to fire. Inside the base, I found myself in a middle of another conflict. It seemed there is a third party involved in the battle. A group of robots were fighting the aliens and these robots weren't friendly toward me. I had to fight the robots and the aliens to find Defender. He joined up with me and we headed deeper into the base. We came toward a new problem. Black Talon was waiting for us. He wouldn't let us continue any further without a fight. I had to block missles and dodge out the path of giant lasers. Defender ended up getting tangled in one of the attacks causing me to have to finish this battle by myself.

 I didn't care, because Black Talon's armor didn't stand a chance from my claws and my fire breath. After the battle, Defender finally broke from his bonds and helped me destory the devices that were driving the aliens mad. The hero short life showed me where the button to fire the cannon was located and he let me push the button. I headed out of the building to see a group of uniformed soldiers saluting me as I came toward them. Why do I notice Foxbat in the area? The short life must be crazier then I though, because he is a wanted man close to people that can arrest him in a blink of an eye. Anyways, the mayor was standing along with Defender who some how found a way to get ahead of me. I was given the key to the city and soon found myself helping in the repair of the city.

Getting the key to the city.