With all the stuff that been added to Minecraft recently, I decided to start a new world which means finding myself a cave home before the sun goes down.

Greetings, all you mammals out there. I decided to start a new world when the new version of Minecraft came out. The game decided to drop me off on an island with not a single cow on it. Just sheep, pigs and chickens. Talk about evil. I went to work digging out a little lair for myself.

The first room became my place for sleeping and crafting of objects to keep me alive on the island. Then I started digging out more rooms for myself, a place for my hoard and a food storage area. Outside my lair, I built a place to grow wheat and a pen for my later snacks when I get hungry looking for cows off the island.

During my adventures looking for cows, I got my first item to put into my hoard, an ender pearl. I'll let you mammals know when I found any more goodies and update my lair.

Started a new world in Minecraft and look at where it spawn me. Somebody will pay for this. I'm a dragon not a polar bear.