Talking about needy

My first steps into the world were met with an interesting blob like thing being hunted by a hungry black cat. I was told to fight the cat to save the blob creature. It was a quick fight and I was rewarded with a new friend.

Making friends

I even got an item that taught me how to sit. Rarrr...What?! I headed into the next area with the blob following me. There were weird rabbit things bouncing around the ground with a weird sound coming from some place. I fought the rabbits to earn a rabbit helmet that covered my crazy head hair.

Battling with a weird rabbit thing.

After beating up a few rabbits, I decided to look for the location of the weird sound. I found a mad lumberjack chopping at a tree.

Crazy mad lumberjack monster?!

I rolled my eyes at her comment and she went back to chopping at the tree. The blob creature told me to fight her. I looked at it and wondered what trouble would happen. With a short battle against the lumberjack, I was rewarded with a new emote.

Mad at something.

An emote that let me be mad at things. Now, I know why the lumberjack was mad. More adventures coming soon.