Found another goofy item that causes big headedness and a small body which caused a lot of people to think I'm cute. In the end, I used another item just to get rid of it. It was fun for awhile.

I decided to make a more detailed look into the different sizes you can choose in the game using a shape charger item. Guess which one I'm running around as in the game. ={:8}

The game gets weirder when you find out there is an underwear equipment slot and there is an item in the game that let's you see yourself running around in it.

After all the fun with the growth potions, I found there was a potion for altering height permanently. So, I decided to make my ferret taller.

I had to stand next to another of my character's race to show you mammals that I'm now taller in the game. Shame the potion doesn't stack like the growth potion. There is even a potion to change a character's thigh size and my ferret has bigger thighs too now. Okay, I'm a silly dragon.

I decided to have some fun with the growth potions in the game and used one on my ferret. I noticed the potion can be used again, so I did a silly thing and used it to the max.

Yeah, I'm super big now.  It was a shame that the affect wears off in 10 minutes or entering combat. I did get a lot of them just in case my silly mood pops up again.

I'm even bigger then the humans now.