I used one of my cards to get to Arbor Hollow where I found myself in a forest. I hopped up the tree gathering money and imagination as I go. Soon, I found myself on top of the place where a large egg rested.

I tried to hop onto the egg and ended up falling through the tree collecting even more stuff. Welcome to the many wonders of Glitch.

It is always a shame to see a great MMO game close. It will be closing on December 9th at 8 pm Pacific, so play the game while it is still open. I was going to create a new character for playing in this world, but looks like I'm stuck with my beta character till the game closes. Here are parts of my house in the game.

I've been hoarding a lot of music blocks in the game. I love the fact they each play a short tune when used.

I haven't planted anything in my garden for a time. Now, I feel a bit sad about it.

I would of prefered a cave, but a tree stump house works for now.