The game finally has an excuse for me to go around blasting the little critters that roam the land. An update changed how the dinosaurs and other stuff level up by giving the critters upgrade items. I also found items like scale paint and clothing on these creatures too. I found myself able to get more Dino dollars which was hard to do before the update. If you wonder what the quest givers give now, they just reward experience and gold coins.

I've been finding a lot of large groups of creatures now in the game. They spawn fast enough that you can just stay in an area just blasting them for items. Lucky the game doesn't offer trading, so gold farmers won't be appearing yet to take advantage of this thing. Phew.

The good news about the update is that I can get this dinosaur that was only able to rangers. The bad news is that the T-Rex is still only able to sheriffs. I'm hoping the devs will let people be able to get that T-Rex easier in the future. The election system in the game is one of my picks of the worse game systems in a MMO.

Large colored eggs have been appearing all over Dinoville. Opening them up reveals one of eight dinosaur skins to collect. I have no clue why mammals like to color defenseless eggs with crazy colors this time of year. Mammals can be very weird at times.

I decided to explore a bit around Dinoville to see what I can find.

They get in the way when you want to go somewhere. They get you when you aren't looking. They trip you when you try to kick them. The inanimate object is a real villain of gaming. Okay, let's get serious. There's a quest where you get to blast rocks in Dino Storm. I thought gardening quests in the game were weird.

All my adventures in the swamp allow me to upgrade my dinosaur in size and features. Time to show a before and after shot of the big guy.

I had to move away from the spot that I was standing, because some little mammal decided to clip into my dinosaur. Looked like my big guy was chomping on him and I would do the same thing in real life, if I ever find that mammal.