I ran pass the rib tunnel and headed up the road to talk to this bigger dragon here that had green spots covering his body. He taught me how to craft and how to scribe stuff into my knowledge.

He had me going down the mountain digging up rocks to make into claws and scale armor. Even found out I seem to have a pouch on my body some where storing all this stuff. By the look of my digging, the pouch seemed to be on my stomach. Um...okay. Why do I think these dragons got jealous of kangaroos?

The big dragon had me going into his lair to craft where I found weird objects that made me feel small. After equiping all the items that I made in his lair, I headed back to the smaller green dragon to see what he wanted me to do now.

It turned out he wanted me to kill some bugs.

After returning with a tusk, the green dragon told me to visit another dragon that will teach me how to craft things. On the way, I decided to do some exploring.

Do I look cute? Um...Don't answer that. I think my dragon brain is going silly for a moment. Now for the story.

I've been exploring the area trying to find something to do till I met a big green dragon that gave me a quest to fight one pig. So, I headed back into the forest looking for an easy target. Ended up dying a few times, because it seemed any pig with level 2 or greater can defeat something the size of a small dragon. Um...Okay.

I finally found a pig that I could take on and headed back to the green dragon to tell him I'm finished. He gave me a dented bell to put into my hoard, so now I have a growing hoard. Yay! Then the silly green dragon told me to go back into the forest to look for tusks on the pigs.  Why does this dragon like tusks? Oh, well. Back to fighting the pigs.