Behind the curtain, I found a small girl holding a flashlight. I tried to talk to her.

She disappeared like a ghost and dropped the flashlight onto the floor. My character picked it up and placed it on his shirt.

Um, what's going on? Everything went crazy and I saw an old man standing in front of my character.

I didn't get a chance to alter a hello as the mammal woke from his bed. It seemed all that weirdness was just a dream. He slept with the mask on? Why does the mask on his face make it look like he's smiling all the time? Is this mammal going insane?

As I explored forward, I found myself in a strange lighted area of the room. There are three things that I can interact with in the area. One of them is a weird mammal that is wearing a cardboard box on his head and facing the wall. This guy seemed to be lost in thought, because talking to this stranger...I do mean stranger...didn't do anything. The drink ended up transporting me into another area.

Going forward in the new area caused me to bump into a weird faceless mammal. I was given the option to hide and sneak pass him...or is it a her. You mammals look all the same to me at times.

Pass the weird creature, I found myself standing in front of curtains. I was given the option to look at them. Okay, do I really have to look? Going back isn't an option it seems.