I became a bit of a curious dragon with this game and started wondering how good of a first game I can make in the game. So, I decided to do an experiment. I searched the internet to find a wiki on the game and used it to guide me.

Looking at the wiki for action genre, I set Engine at 75% as best I could. Then I set Gameplay at 100% and Story/Quests at 0%.

At the second stage of development, I set Dialogues to 0%. Next I set Level Design to the max height and put Artificial Intelligence around 75%.

Finally at the last stage, I set World Design at 0% and Graphic to 100%. Sound was set around 75%. Then released the game with basic sound and 2D graphics V1.

My reviews based on the wiki wasn't good, but the game was ranked #39 and sold 3,862 units on the first week.

Looks like going to try to beat those stats on my next attempt. Wish me luck.


I started my "Big Red Dragon Games" company and started on my first game. I went through the choices and decided to be a bit silly with it.

How about a game about dragons in space? I thought it was good idea at the time and let my character start programing the game.

Soon, I was able to publish the game and let the masses take a look at the game. My reviews were just average, but the money was good. Now, I have to come up with another game. What weird ideas would I come up?

I found this interesting game while looking around the internet. The game studio that made the game created a crack version of the game that teaches pirates what happens when you try to get a game for free. The funny thing is that the pirates don't know the studio tricked them into thinking this is the actual game. If you go down to their forums, you see pirates complaining about their game getting pirated. Talk about the irony of it all.

Thank you, Greenheart Games, for making my day. Let's see what I can do with this game. Yeah, I got the legal version of the game, so no life lesson for this dragon.