There are days when I see game monsters and glad that I don't live in that world. I mean look at these bloated guys. I bet these guys will give me gas and that's not a good thing for a dragon.


I headed to Avernus to get to another area and boy the area looks evil. Why mammals have to use dragons as a sign of evil places? *sigh*

After playing this game for days, my crew has grown big. I now have a fox, a crane, a rat, a mouse, a dog, a crab, an otter, a water mole, and a skeleton. That's a grand total of nine crewmates and I started with the crane at the beginning. If I ever get a cow crewmate, you all know where he's going. *snickers*

I've been playing Pirate 101 for days now and I like it. It's a great game even it is made for human pups.