While wondering around the world, I found a few new dragons that can be...um...tamed. *coughs*

This dragon was found a bit out of the way, but later ended up finding a whole bunch more near a town.

This dragon was found in a town and already has a NPC mammal watching over it. I'm curious where you can find this one.

With all the crazy quest I find in MMOs, I never thought I would be jumping across the top of houses looking for cats for a young female mammal. Most of the cats were located on top of roofs while one was stuck up a tree.

With all that searching, a few thoughts popped up in my brain that started to wonder why she had four cats and the real reason why the cats ran away from her.

Now, I feel sorry for finding these cats.

I found this new MMO and started to play it. The game is about a world were you can tame *cough* dragons and have them help you fight an evil that is infecting the lands. The game also makes my back feel sore, too, because you can ride any dragon you can tame. Oh, boy. I wonder there's a game out there were a dragon rides a human. If not, please make one world.

Here's the dragons I have tamed so far in the game. There's more to go.