The start of my adventures in this game found myself playing a long earred mammal. I looked around the place to notice I was in a strange place covered by fog. The only thing there was to click with my mouse was an odd figure. My character seemed to be a silent as the figure talked to him. Strangely I was able to reply with a no or yes answer to his questions. The silly thing made me walk over to him when he transported around the place. I wonder if the figure was flammable. Oh, well.

 As I talked to this strange figure, a laughing lizard appeared out of no where and jumped into one of the ponds (or are they holes). Well, okay. Seems that I wasn't the only one there at the time.

I soon learned that I was in search of the beginning of my story. The figure transported once again and an image of a house appeared in the pond (or hole) under him. I was told that I'll find my beginning at that place.

So, I walked right in and disappeared. Something tells me this adventure will be one crazy and strange one.

Found a new game to try out and boy this one looks interesting. Why is there a giant rabbit looking at a young male mammal through a window? Looks like I'm going to find out.