Waking up with 39 bacon favored mammals in a weird little place in middle of a desert filled with zombies not a good thing. The group already had a watchtower and few other places already built before I woke up. The sight from the watchtower wasn't pretty, because I saw around 32 to 41 zombies looking for a snack out there. Decided to build my tent first and then headed out of the town hoping to find something of use. Not much was out there just a few mindless undead, but I was lucky to pick up a patchwork beam that I turned into planks for our wall defense. Decided to spend the last of my energy on helping with the construction of the wall which I hope will keep the zombies out for one night. Ended up learning how to be a technician, but I was too tired out to try out any of my new skills that day. I slipped into my tent and hoped this isn't my last day on this world.

Later that day, I pulled out the deck of cards out of the bank and played with them for a moment till I got bored. The stress relief helped and felt more productive all of the sudden, so I used the energy to get the wall closer to being done. Place the deck of cards back into the town's bank. With nothing else to do, I slipped back into my tent and curled up in a ball hoping I see the next day.