It was a long and boring night out there as I waited inside my small tent. I heard the zombies pounding at our door, but none of them came in to attack us. After I woke up to a new day, I decided to fix my tent to allow me to take a nap during the day. When I did try a nap, it didn't go very well as thoughts of the zombies kept me up. I headed to the well and pulled out my ration. Then I checked the news and found out the mammals that were outside town didn't make it back. We lost nine people out there and now 31 of us remain in this dirty town. I sighed as I headed to the construction site and helped reinforced the gates.

Later that day, I heard over the radio of two mammals having trouble outside the town. I took a can of food out of the bank and ate it for energy. I hate beans. I really do. Where's a cow when you need one? I stepped outside the town and headed to the closest mammal needing help. There were four zombies around him...or she. You mammals look a lot a like to me. Anyways, I cleared two of the zombies for the mammal and headed back to town. I hope the mammal will be okay now. The next day news will tell me.