Yup, I'm still alive and wagging my tail. It seems we forgot to close our gates and we lost one of own that night. He was one of our watchmen. Looks like being a watchman is dangerous work. Also, we once again had mammals disappearing from the outside. We are down to 25 now.

I did my usual of getting my ration and putting my skills at a project to increase our chances of survival. Then I took a short nap which this time made me feel better. I headed outside and grabbed much that I could before returning back to town. My scales got dirty, but it had to be done.

Later that day, I ended up saving another mammal from those zombies. This is starting to be my normal lately. The last mammal I saved returned with a blue print, so hopefully this mammal I saved today would be carrying something to help the town too.

End of my day, I decided to do something crazy. I volunteer to be a watchman. If the gates were forgot to be closed again, I won't see the next day.