It was an eventful night as I used my trusty oven to mash those annoying zombies with claw swipes for good measure. Okay, this is starting to turn into one of those old cartoons. Anyways, this dragon made it out alive once again.

We did lose two more mammals that night. One died from an infection and another died from thirst. Blah, what's with people dying from not drinking water when we have some? There are eight of us now and the watchtower isn't showing any promises as a big hoard of zombies is waiting to attack the town. Looks like this is going to be our final stand, if we don't get anything to help us.

Over the radio, someone told everybody that he cleared an area north of town enough that we can search the area in peace even with two zombies wandering the area. Hopefully this is going be what saved us.

I pulled out a few metal scraps and a plastic bag from searching that area. Then headed back to town to drop the metal scraps off. Decided to make a water bomb. It seems zombies melt into a puddle when water is poured on them. Yeah, weird. After upgrading my home defenses,  I headed back outside and used the water bomb to make an area safe for searching and let the mammals know on the radio. Then begin searching again hoping to dig up something better this time.

I decided to use the log I found to upgrade my home just one more time. I don't know it will work or not keeping the zombies out of my home, but doesn't hurt to try. I pulled out one of the Radio Cassete Players in the bank and sat down waiting for the coming end.