Looks like I'm alive again. No clue how I did it. It is down to two of us now. Three died from the attack and others died from other things like infection or being too thirsty. I learned a valuable lesson about the difference between skill and energy as I could of save people yesterday. Bloody scales! Why did I have to spend last of my energy on upgrading my home? Thought my skill would of saved my energy a little and I could use the last of it to close the gates. Now, I'm too scared to leave the town. I slammed the gates in anger, because of many reasons floating around my head. Time to wait for the end in my nice annoying home.

Okay, I'll stop roleplaying and being a silly dragon for a moment and tell what happened straight. I was sort of laughing when I found that Action Points (AP) and Construction Points (CP) don't go into each other when you want a 6 AP construction like a home upgrade. Ended up using all my AP to point I couldn't close the gate for 1 AP. CP is a class feature that allows a player who chooses a tech to spend CP points on constructing things instead of using AP. It became very useful during my play in the town.

Funny thing is that I survived an open gate with another mammal. Strangely, there were zombies that just didn't know what to do after eating up three other players. Luck of the dragon strikes again. Shame the status effect I'm under won't let me go outside for anything, so this looks like the end of my adventure in this town.

I hope you like my adventures in Die2Nite and next time I figure out a better way to tell my adventures in that game at my next town.