It seemed that walking into Skyrim wasn't a good idea, because I soon found myself captured and thrown onto a wagon with other short lives. One of them was gagged, but two others were very chatty telling me about what have been happening in Skyrim. Soon, the wagons stopped in a village and let people off the wagons. One of the short lives wasn't happy about being captured and decided to make a dash for it. He didn't get far as an arrow had got him in the back. A female voice told me to come toward her and tell her my name. The male next her felt sorry for me and told me my body would be sent to my people for a proper burial. Okay, this isn't sounding good.

Watching in horror.

I watched in horror as the captured group was lead toward a place that caused my neck to itch. One of the short lives decided to be the first one to have his head chopped off. I looked around the place to see there was any way to escape this fate, but I was next one up. I slowly walked up and placed my head on the stone. I prepared for my end.

A dragon saves me, I think.

Suddenly, a dragon flew down and landed causing everybody to panic. It roared some language that I never heard causing the air to shake. I was rescued, I think.

Me in Skyrim

This is what I look like in the game without all the armor equiped. It is nice of the game to have a lizard race. 

Finding a cool feature in Skyrim means I try it out on a short life's head. Now, I just need a big hammer.