After a lot of trips to Orga Stronghold, the group I hanged out on Tuesdays finally ran into the pathfinding trainer, Trillbane.

Greetings, mammals. This is my write up of what happened during the Feast of Tsrrin on the year 2014.

The tent reappeared in town, but the candy didn't show up until later. That drove me bonkers. I think Corstun is responsible for that evil deed.

I got to see the crazy part of the feast when the undead decided to cause trouble while I was heading to Coldy's party. The group fought toward the undine hut and found trouble in the basement of the hut. Big red flaming skeletons came out of no where and attacked us. The fight wasn't easy, because anybody fallen too long will raise as an undine and attack the group.

When the red skeletons were defeated, we thought the fight was over. So, we headed back down to the basement and met even worse monsters. The blue flaming skeletons made an appearance. We ended up running for it and took the fight back outside.

The funny thing during the fight was the fact that the cyborg zombie caused a reaction on the sunstone network when someone fell to it. You heard that right. A cyborg zombie was attacking us. There were even blue twister monsters and invisible monsters that assaulted us among the normal undine.

The fight ended with a big feral named Moonhowl coming out and giving us even more trouble. It was strong, but we ended up beating it up and Coldy made a trophy out it. Finally, the party was on (the after party actually) and I won a bunch of shiny coins for my hoard during the party.

All the costumes I've found during the Feast of Tsrrin 2014 with help with friends and helpful groups. There were 14 costumes that I know about out there and I only found ten of them.



With all the training with this fish, I finally got him to tell me that I'm nearly his equal which means I'm finally 400 ranks with him. Now I just need to get my spirit energy to last longer.

An old video of me finding a newspaper stand that gave quests to people to deliver a newspaper to a random character.

I've reached a new milestone with Proximus and I now have over 350 ranks with him.  Going to get more soon, because I still want that ledger from him.