Well, Corstun left once again without saying a word to me. Strangely, the candy givers around town were still around till the storm hit the island. I really need to bite that guy for driving me crazy each time he's in town. I do need to update my dragon costume before it's 10th year pops up. Anyways, the town is showing a bit of a different color after the storm which not to my liking means cold.

Hopefully, I can find a warm place to curl up. Not looking toward freezing my scales off or even my tail freezing off. I like my tail. I use it to smack annoying stuff with it.

I did find a red tree that I can hide behind in town. Wish it would hide me from the cold weather too. Oh, well. Other news I did get to 50 ranks with Sprite finally. Now, I can get to increasing my healing range again. I wonder how far I can go with it.