A portal appeared in town leading to a strange world.
An old female mammal told me about Pokeypets and how to get one of my own. I was a bored dragon, so I decided to take this crazy quest.

This big thing is found swimming in a small lake in Sarra. Not the easiest creature to get a picture of because it keeps moving around the place.

During a trip to Sarra, we had a few mammals so fallen that none of the healers in the group could heal them. Suddenly, Banastian decided to come out of his shop coma and help us. He gave each of the fallen a sip of some type of potion that made each fallen be easy to get back on their feet. Then he told everybody to clear the area of...lizards. Um, okay. This guy just got on my list of scariest mammals in the lands. I was glad to leave the place alive.

I finally got back to the pathfinding book that is deep inside the Pitch Caves. Hopefully, I can soon get into the crater to find my pet on Devil's Island.

While trying to find my pet on Devil Island, I found myself at a dead end. Seems that my 100 ranks in pathfinding isn't enough to open a path deeper into Devil Island. No crater adventuring for this dragon.


All I can say now is...Bloody Scales!!!