Here's a picture showing one of the hightlights of my latest trip to the Orga area of Clan Lord. It's one of the books that teaches you advance pathfinding. Pathfinding in Clan Lord gives you the skill to find short cuts in the world. The more ranks you have with pathfinding, the more paths you can use.

Got into the Fifth circle room

Today I got into the fifth healer circle room with luck. The noids in the test didn't hit me as much and that helped get Glory up on her feet. Sorry, I didn't get pics of me raising Glory. I didn't know I was going to past the test. This dragon is very amazed or could it be the power of the Year of the Dragon helping this dragon.

 Looking for sea horses. Finding a lot of sea horses. 

While exploring with a group, I got a chance to visit an area I never been to yet. There were a number of new creatures that were able to see. The one that interested me the most was the sea horses, because the short life in the hut told me they were cute. Cute till you get too close. Another thing about the area was that there were underwater areas that caused a lot of drowning. I was lucky to get out of there before I found myself one of the drowning victims. The group also found out that there was a cheap way to get off the island, but it was a one way trip and the hunt ended when we found that out.

 The temple gets lights. City hall gets lights. 

Bawkmas is a holiday in Clan Lord that comes around the time my scales complain about the cold. Decorations suddenly appear in town as the day gets near. A character named Santa Chicken appears giving out crazy toys that can set people on fire or make colored lights appear around your head. There's potatoes that appear in the farm areas around town that can be shredded by a female short life smelling of fish wandering near the mirror in south forest. Then traded in at the kitchen for a present. It also the time when snowy areas pop around the lands during Bawkmas.

Finding Santa Chicken's broken toys.

I laid by that bonfire a number of times when it first appeared in town. One day that bonfire decided to light me on fire. It floored me so fast I didn't have a chance to put myself out. Coldy tried to help me out of the fire, but ended up getting burned, too. Strangely, I still lay around that bonfire knowing it may set me on fire again. I'm one silly dragon.

Getting Burned in Town Center  Getting burned by fire with company.